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Steve and Wenda have gone out of their way to create a delightful “home from home” in the accommodation and the superb individually prepared breakfasts. All that and their location within easy walking distance to all that Salisbury has to offer. Their local knowledge which Steve produces on daily information sheets are invaluable – and unique.
Wonderful and well done to them both and thank you for our thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Elisabeth W. Henley on Thames - Double

“Dear Wenda, thank you for your hearty hospitality in your beautiful home. We spent six wonderful days with you. Your English breakfast ist unique! Salisbury is an excellent location for discovering the Southwest of England. P.S. Today we had our last breakfast with your homemade strawberry jam.”

Busso Diekamp - Double Room

“Dear Steve, many thanks for the good and precise description of the way from Salisbury to Heathrow Airport. We did not get lost and due to the detailled information you gave us it was no problem for us to find the way there. Many thanks. With best regards.”

Simone, Annelies and Evelyn - Double Room

“Cathedral View is probably the best B&B in the world. We had a stylish room with perfect equipment and a very nice feeling, an ultraclean bathroom, very good beds, a beautiful view to the cathedral and the greatest location. Last but not least we were hosted by Wenda and Steve, who took care of us like we were their personal VIP guests – this all makes Cathedral View unforgettable! We still miss Wenda’s breakfast with fresh strawberries and Steve, who is the walking guidebook of the Salisbury area. Never and nowhere have we got such a service – and we have been travelling guite a lot! This B&B surely is a five star place and worth of it’s costs and much more. We would warmly recommend Cathedral View to anybody!”

Tarja & Reija - Double Room

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